Leave the routine behind, our travel itineraries will inspire you
Spectacular adventures in magical locations. Explore countries representative of the ‘new economic geography’ and immerse yourself in the essence of the place, where business communities and local excellence converge.

MIL manages all types of events. Incentive travel for sales networks, designed to enable dealers, journalists, promoters, employees and top executives to experience “somewhere else” with new ideas and surroundings.

Content-oriented events, typically press conferences, conventions and roadshows, where travel fosters the transfer of values and emotional connection.

travel = emotion

An event characterized by emotional disorientation and unconventional marketing tactics in unlikely places – such as guerrilla marketing – or interactive orientation, where new media remove the barriers of space and time, transforming the traveler into a navigator and emotions into emoticons.

For some customers, MIL is an audit check agency in the field of internal communication, a human resources and cost optimization management consultant.


Breathtaking settings, part of the collective imagination of ideal incentives offer something different and truly special, if experienced in the MIL way.

Organized incentive travels are the ultimate motivational tool, experiences of discovery, awareness and engagement that enable you to see wonderful places, but also and primarily to engage with the productive and creative structure of the place. Travel then becomes an opportunity to experience cultural and artistic diversity and with new, perhaps emerging, business models able to broaden mental horizons and stimulate creativity.

we love what we do


In the internet age, evolving knowledge and communication change form and function. Digital content and social sharing are powerful tools, able to increase the effect and scope of motivational events.

Everyone can be in contact with everyone else and participate in other peoples’ experiences.

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